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  BHT-5000 1D

  • BHT-5000

Each region has different availability of sales product.

Magic Keys - Easier and More Efficient

Handy terminal comes with two magic keys to which various functions can be assigned for increased efficiency. For instance, frequently assigned usages are as a trigger switch during bar code reading and/or as an ENT key.

Wider Bar Code Reading

When touch scanning, the bar code with a width up to 70 mm wide can be read. If the scanner is held a short distance away from the bar code, the code with a width of up to 280mm (11.0")*1 can be scanned. Additionaly, with enhanced reading guide light, this model offers increased bar code visibility. *1 The bar code with a width under 1.2mm (47.2 mils) can be read at a scanning distance of 200mm (7.9") and ambient brightness of 500 luxes (fluorescent lighting).

Large LCD

The number of characters that can be displayed has been increased by 2.6 times when compared to the BHT-2000. Back light function is also provided as a standard feature.

Choice of Two Power Sources Ensures Longer Operation

Power supply can be selected from either a nickel-hydrogen battery cartridge or two 1.5 V sized AA batteries. The rechargeable battery cartridge lasts for approx. 20 hours concurrently with the AA batteries last 100 hours of operation*2. *2 When reading bar code twice per 10 seconds.

Easy Handling and Increased Versatility

To enhance ease of use, the slim grip fits more comfortably into the operator's hand. What's more, this versatile terminal is highly stain resistant.

Large Memory Capacity: up to 2Mbytes

Extended memory facility.

Flash ROM available for user area

Flash ROM, 128 kbytes, can be optionally added to the user area to store your application program.

Model BHT-5000
Controller Unit CPU 16-bit C-MOS microprocessor
Flash ROM(1) System area : 132 Kbytes User area : 124 Kbytes
RAM 128KByte, 512KByte, 1MByte, 2MByte
Display Unit Display element Liquid crystal dot matrix display (LCD)
Character size & number of characters Alphanumeric characters 8 lines × 21 characters (ANK) 4 lines × 16 characters (16dots mode) 4 lines × 20 characters (12dots mode)
Scanner Unit Width of reading window 70mm (2.8")
Readable bar code types EAN-13/-8, UPC-A/-E, UPC/EAN with supplemental codes, ITF(Interleaved 2 of 5), Standard 2 of 5, CODABAR(NW-7), CODE39, CODE93 and CODE128
Resolution 0.125mm (4.9 mils) (when reading CODE39) min.
LED display 2-color LED (red & green)
Keyboard Number of keys 30 keys plus a trigger switch and 2 magic keys
Communications Optical coupling Synchronization Start-stop synchronization
Transmission speed 38,400bps max.
Cable interface Synchronization Start-stop synchronization
Transmission speed 38,400bps max.
Signal level RS-232C
Auxiliary function Calendar clock Year, month, date, hour, minute, second (with automatic correction for leap years)
Beeper Volume & tone control
Low battery indication Yes
Power supply Main power (optional) (2) Rechargeable Ni-MH battery (cartridge) Two 1.5-V size-AA batteries (LR6)
Backup power Lithium secondary battery (maintenance-free)
Operating time(3) When using a nickel-hydrogen battery Approx. 20 hours
When using 1.5-V size-AA batteries Approx. 100 hours
Weight Approx. 280g (9.9oz)(including Ni-MH batteries)
  1. Deleting data from the Chinese character generator enables you to increase the user area by further 384 Kbytes maximum. After they have been deleted, certain Kanji codes may be selected by using using the optional Kanji Utility.
  2. Option of either the nickel-hydrogen battery or two 1.5-V-sized AA batteries can be used. The battery case is required when using the AA batteries.
  3. Based on reading the bar code twice every ten second.