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  BHT-100QF 2D

  • BHT-100QF

Each region has different availability of sales product.

BHT-100QF is a next-generation hand-held barcode terminal of ultimate performance and operability to serve a wide range of applications

"Roundish" form to pursue highest level of operability

The highest level of operability as a handy scanner is pursed by its ergonomic design. The roundish form and easy-to-use keypads can effectively improve operability.

Large screen (high resolution) display

The large & quality display with the resolution of 200 x 320 dpi (2.5 times greater than our conventional units) can show a large amount of information at one time. Also, in 4 gradations, the scanner can highlight letters and display photos

Touch panel function

The touch panel display facilitates menu selection and handwriting with a touch pen.

Keyboard backlight

Like the LED panel, the keyboard has a backlight too. This significantly improves viewing and over-all operability in dark places.

Designed to last

Uncompromising strategy for power saving design resulted in longer lasting operation that outlasts almost 2.5 times as long as those of our conventional range.

Compact and lightweight

BHT-100BF is full of convenient functions and yet its body weighs light at about 280 g (including the battery); A perfect solution for mobile use.

Built-in Spectrum Spread (SS) radio communication

Thanks to its fast, reliable 2.4 GHz band Spectrum Spread radio communication system, the scanner can provide high-speed communication at 1.6 M bps.

Model QHT-1162
Controller CPU 16 bit CMOS microprocessor, 32 bit RISC microprocessor
Flash ROM(1) System area 644Kbyte
Kanji code area 256 K byte (JIS 1st and 2nd levels)
User space 124Kbyte
RAM 2Mbyte
Display Dots 128 x 64 dots
Display typ Liquid crystal dot matrix display
Character type and number of characters Alphanumeric & Katakana 21 characters x 8 lines
Kanji 8chars x 4lines(16dpi),10chars x 4lines(12dpi)
1-byte character 16chars x 4lines(16dpi),20chars x 4lines(12dpi)
Backlight YES (LED)
Scanner Pointer Triple pointer
Scan field width 60X44mm
Decode capability 2D codes QR codes, micro QR codes, PDF417, MaxiCode
Bar codes UPC-A/E, EAN-13/8, CODE39, NW7, TF, CODE128
Minimum resolution 2D codes 0.25mm
Bar codes 0.15mm/td>
Notification LED Red & Green LED indicators
Keypad Number of keys 30 keys + Trigger + 2 Magic; 24 keys + Trigger + 2 Magic (scheduled for release)
Communication Optical I/F Type Infrared (IrDA-SIR 1.0 compliant)
Transfer rate 115.2Kbps MAX.
Distance Approx. 0.8m
Cable I/F Synchronization Asynchronous method
Transfer rate 38,400bpsMAX.
Signal level RS-232C
Power supply Main battery Ni-Cd battery cartridge (spare cartridge available)
Sub battery Lithium secondary battery (maintenance-free)
Additional functions Clock Date and Time (year, month, day, hour, min, sec) with automatic leap-year adjustment
Buzzer Sound pressure and tonal scale control
Battery/Voltage indicator Yes
Weight Approx. 320 g (incl. main battery)
Operation time Approx. 8 hours(2)
User environment Operating temperature 0 to 40°C
Drip-proof JIS Drip-Proof II
  1. If data in the Kanji area is deleted, user space will increase up to 380 Kbyte. In this case, Kanji utility software should be purchased to install certain characters as necessary.
  2. Measurement is done after scanning a QR code twice in 10 sec.