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DENSO Value Added Reseller (VAR) Program: Collaborate For Growth

The DENSO Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Program is designed to strategically support our customers and increase the value of their sales efforts with strong support from the manufacturer. We accomplish this through collaborative relationships with our partner network.

The DENSO VAR Program provides many opportunities for our partners to differentiate their business to drive growth and profitability. We offer our partners marketing, sales, training and technical resources to drive sales effectiveness for both their customers as well as their own businesses. The VAR Program enables our partners to better support their customers and extend their own market reach to increases opportunities and drive more sales.

Based on size, geography and capability, partners can take advantage of valuable resources, such as sales tools and support, as well as dedicated technical support and field sales representatives. Additionally, partners have access, based on specific requirements, to a variety of benefits given their respective revenue performance and capabilities, including:

  • Participation in lead distribution programs
  • Joint Marketing Funds
  • Discounted demo pricing
  • Training options
  • Access to additional DENSO ADC partners

DENSO offers several VAR Program levels/tiers designed to support your company’s growth goals.

Basic Requirements

Any VAR meeting the following key criteria can be a member of the DENSO VAR Program:
  • Minimum purchasing volumes
  • Promotion of DENSO products on Website
  • Company support metrics (purchases)

DENSO VAR Program Tiers

Annual purchase volumes (in dollars) equate to varying award levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each tier is determined by the dollar volume of your purchases of DENSO Products through and authorized Distributor in a calendar year beginning January 1 ending December 31.

Each tier offers specific annual rebates based on purchase price of all DENSO products purchased in the previous calendar year as reported by distributor. Joint Marketing Funds are also available.

VAR Program Details, Terms & Conditions

  • All DENSO VAR program participates must sign the program application form and adhere to its rules.
  • DENSO reserves the right to remove Connection Partners from the program at any time.
  • Rebate and Joint Marketing will be paid on confirmed sales and are subject to product returns offset.
  • It is at the discretion of DENSO if any compensation, not detailed in this document, shall be granted to our active program partners.
  • DENSO reserves the right to alter or change program details and awards at any time, for any reason. All partners will be notified in writing in advance of any program changes.
  • Joint Marketing funds not used by the end of the 1st Quarter of the following year are forfeited.
  • Program is only valid for Value Added Resellers who buy through authorized distribution partners. Any purchases of DENSO products through any other entity shall not count toward the program benefits.
  • DENSO VAR participates must first be approved by DENSO prior to receiving benefits from program.
  • DENSO reserves the right to not credit products purchased at excessive discount conditions or under a price exception.