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  UR21-MR New!

Multi purpose UHF RFID Scanner

Can be installed on existing registers

The combination of a small controller and a thin antenna eliminates problems in finding an installation location. A dedicated antenna mount, which is useful in installing the antenna, is also offered.

No need to worry about reading products on adjacent checkout counters

The communication range is approximately 2.6 feet, which is ideal for the environment for POS registers. To prevent reading RF tags on products on adjacent checkout counters, the communication range can be ADJUSTED according to needs.

By using two antennas, the reading area can be expanded

Two antennas can be connected to one controller, covering a wider range and expanding customer use range.

Connection to POS register becomes easier

For users to use table scanners from a POS application in the same manner as barcode scanners, an OPOS driver*, which helps users connect a table scanner with a POS register, is also available.

* For Windows only

The set includes


  • Controller (URCT-M21)
  • Antenna (URAN-R2)
  • Antenna cable (between antenna and controller)
  • Rear cover (lock nuts included in package)
  • Safety Precautions
  • Screws for securing the antenna

System configuration

UR21 Items that are included in the set are indicated in blue.

Instruction manual

Model (RS-232C/USB model) UR21-MR-01*1
RFID Readable and recordable RF tag ISO/IEC18000-63 TypeC(EPCglobal Class1 Gen2) -supported Tag
Frequency USA/CANADA (915.25-927.5 MHz)
Channel width/number of channels USA/CANADA (250 kHz/50ch)
Transmission output USA/CANADA (21dBmEIRP)
Modulation method PR-ASK
Transmission rate 40 kbps
Scanning distance*2 0–1300 mm (Avery Dennison AD-237r6, AD-229r6)
Output adjustment 5–23 dBm
LED indication function PW: power supply (green), COM (red), ANT1 (orange), ANT2 (orange) 4 total
Interface RS-232C (D-SUB 9P), USB (mini USB B Type)
Power Power supply Custom AC adapter (100 V)
Current consumption 1300 mA MAX (excluding inrush current)
Operating temperature 0–40°C
Structure Dimensions Controller: 90 × 108.5 × 31 mm / Antenna: 200 × 200 × 17.5 mm
Weight Controller: Approx.130 g / Antenna: Approx.360 g
Components Controller 1 (including a rear cover and screws for securing the rear cover)
Antenna 1 (with VESA-compliant screw holes)
Antenna cable Double-end RF connector (GT27) cable (2000 mm long)
Antenna securing screws 4
  1. Do not connect an antenna, a controller or a cable that is not specified by Denso Wave.
  2. Network range may vary according to target tag. Network range is a reference value and this may vary accordingly, depending on the actual environmental conditions.

External dimensions

Options (sold separately)

  • Antenna fixture (B-URANR1-01)
  • Antenna (URAN-R2)*1
  • Antenna cable (CBAN-CGT272000/GT27-01)
  • AC adapter

*1: Only for UR21


  • OPOS Driver (POS Connection/Windows Version)
  • Control Command DLL File