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Soft case

Supported models Model Type Note
BHT-8000 series Soft case SCBHT-8000 For BHT-8000(2)
Holster WHBHT-6500/8000 For BHT-8000
Neck strap NSBHT-8000 For BHT-8000
BHT-300 series Soft case SCBHT-300B For BHT-300B
Soft case SCBHT-300Q For BHT-300Q
Holster WHBHT-100/300 For BHT-300B/Q
Battery cover - For BHT-300B/Q
BHT-100 series Soft case SCBHT-100 For BHT-100B/Q
Holster WHBHT-100/300 For BHT-100B/Q
Protection - For BHT-100B/Q
BHT-7500 series Soft case SCBHT-7500 For BHT-7500
Holster WHBHT-7000/7500(1) For BHT-7500
BHT-400 series Soft case SCBHT-400B For BHT-400BW-CE
Holster WHBHT-400B(1) For BHT-400BW-CE
Neck strap NSBHT-500 For BHT-400BW-CE
Battery cover - For BHT-400BW-CE
BHT-200 series Soft case SCBHT-200B For BHT-200BW-CE
Soft case SCBHT-200Q For BHT-200QW-CE
Holster WHBHT-200B For BHT-200BW-CE(3)
Holster WHBHT-200Q For BHT-200QW-CE(3)