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  Scanner Setting 2D

Setup tool to enable GT10Q parameter setting from PC

  • Scanner Setting 2D

Each region has different availability of sales product.

This software can be downloaded from QBdirect.

Supported scanners: GT10B range/QK12 range

Logging function to store parameter setup in a file

Especially when multiple scanners are being setup at one time, the setup file can be accessed to greatly reduce setting time.

Output in MS-Word format

Setup parameters and input barcodes can be created and stored in MS-Word file.

Firmware update support

At the time of product upgrade, your scanner can be updated with a new firmware available at DENSO website.

One-step setup of parameters

(1)Scanner setup can be easily managed from your PC.


(2)Setup barcodes can be scanned to minimize setting time.


Operation Environment

  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows 2000 Professional SP4
  • Windows Vista (32-bit Version)