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A world leader in automatic data capture technology and the inventor of the QR code®

  QS20P 1D

2D Code Direct marking scanner

  • Full adjustment functions
  • Best reading set by multiple-choices
  • Easy setting with a mouse
  • Efficient setup in limited space

Compact/Light Weight

achieved at only 70g.

Excellent reading performance of minuscule QR Code

achieved to read minimum 0.1mm, which means readable of a few mm square QR Code.

User-friendly Design

Multiple holding available

Model QS20P-A11
(AC Adapter Type)
Reading Readable Code QR Code, Micro QR Code, DataMatrix
Reading mouth(1) 11mm x 11mm
Resolution 0.1mm
Reading depth 3mm
Readable Cell Composition (2) 81 cell x 81 cell
PCS value not less than 0.45
Skew Angle 360°
Angle ±35°
Communication Interface RS-232C
Speed 115.2Kbps Max.
Connector sub-9 pin (Female)
Power Voltage DC5V
Power Source original AC adapter(3)
Operation Environments Temperature 0 - 40°C
Humidity 10 - 85%RH (without dews)
Illumination not more than 3,000 lx.
Weight (excl. cable) Approximately 70g
  1. Maximum Dimension of the reading mouth
  2. Under the condition: a cell size 0.1mm without skew angle
  3. AC adapter is sold separately



  • C-700 (for QS20P-B)
    • Battery cartridge charger
  • B-70L (for QS20P-B)
    • Lithium ion battery cartridge



  • Exclusive AC adapter
  • Instruction manual


  • Power supply BOX
  • Lithium ion battery cartridge B-70L
  • Interface cable
  • Instruction manual