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  Products Roadmap


Handy Terminal

BHT-OS Pocket 1D Barcode BHT-3000 BHT-6000 BHT-8000 BHT-900B
Compact 1D Barcode BHT-5000 BHT-7000 BHT-300B BHT-800B BHT-1306B BHT-1500B
2D Code QHT-1000 BHT-300Q BHT-800Q BHT-1306Q
Standard 1D Barcode BHT-4000 BHT-7500 BHT-100B BHT-600B
2D Code BHT-100Q BHT-600Q
Windows OS Full Extended 1D Barcode BHT-100BW-CE BHT-400BW-CE BHT-1100BW-CE
Standard 1D Barcode BHT-200B BHT-700BW-CE BHT-1200BW-CE
2D Code BHT-200QW-CE BHT-700QW-CE BHT-1200QW-CE
Intermediate 1D Barcode BHT-1400B-CE
2D Code BHT-1400Q-CE
Compact 1D Barcode BHT-1361B-CE
2D Code BHT-1361Q-CE

Handy Scanner

1D Barcode Office + Retail Compact HC60 HC15 HC36II HC56 HC56II
High End AT20B
Rugged Industrial Wired GT10B GT20B
Bluetooth GT10B-SB
2D Code Compact Bluetooth SE1-QB
Office + Retail Wired Standard QS10 QS20H AT10Q AT20Q
High Density QS10P QS20P AT21Q-HM
Bluetooth AT27Q-SB
Rugged Industrial Wired Standard GT10Q GT20Q
High Density gt15q_hu
Bluetooth GT10Q-SB
Presentation Kiosk Compact QB30
Mobile LCD Reader QK12 QK20 QK30