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  HC60 1D

Wide range of setup options to meet specific needs

  • HC60 series

Each region has different availability of sales product.

The HC 60 is a highly efficient scanning tool, with a unique grip (outer circle 125mm - 5.0"), lightweight body and enhanced operation by means of a thin reading window (15mm - 0.61" thick).

Scanner specifications can be set easily using the "bar code menu" including symbology, transmission format, communication protocols, trigger switch control, beeper volume, etc.

The red/green two-color flashing LED and three-level volume beeper indicates a successful reading or reading failure.

It is environmental-resistant due to scanner optics guarded by a dust-proof cover.

The detachable/ plug-in cable facilitates fast and efficient connection or disconnection.

Model HC66 HC68 HC61
Scanning Unit Bar code width (1) 0.15 mm (6 mils) min.0.50 mm (20 mils) max. 0.17 mm (6.8 mils) min.0.70 mm (28 mils) max. 0.19 mm (7.6 mils) min.0.90 mm (36 mils) max.
Readable bar codes EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, 2 of 5interleaved, 2 of 5 standard, CODABAR, CODE39, CODE93, CODE128 (2), UPC-D, UPC/EAN with supplemental code
Resolution 0.15 mm (5.9 mils) 0.12 mm (4.7 mils) (3) 0.17 mm (6.7 mils) 0.14 mm (5.5 mils) (4) 0.19 mm (7.5 mils) 0.17 mm (7.0 mils) (5)
PCS value 0.45 min.
Reading direction Bi-directional
Depth of field (6) 0 - 0.8 inch (0 - 20 mm)
Light source LED red (Wave length = 660nm)
Reading sensor CCD
Reading confirmation Red / green two-color LED, volume adjustable beeper
Communication interface Interface (Connector) RS-232C / COMS asynchronous / CMOS bar-image / OCIA / Keyboard emulation
Cable Straight / coiled
Connector Dsub-25P / Dsub-9P / DIN-8P
Power source Rated voltage 5 +/- 0.25 V
Power consumption(7) (Reading mode) 90mA typ. (120mA max.) 100mA typ. (125mA max.) 110mA typ. (130mA max.)
Power consumption(7) (Stand by) 8mA typ. (18mA max.) 8mA typ. (18mA max.) 8mA typ. (18mA max.)
Environment Operating environment Temperature : 0 - 40°C (0 - 104°F) Humidity : 10 - 90% RH (no condensation or freezing; wet bulb temperature should be under 30°C(86°F))
Storage environment Temperature : -10 - 60°C (14 to 140°F) Humidity : 5 - 95% RH (no sudden temperature changes, no condensation or freezing, wet bulb temperature should be under 30°C(86°F)
Ambient illuminance range 3000 lux max. (fluorescent lamp)
Weight 140g (4.9oz) (8) 150g (5.3oz) (8) 160g (5.6oz) (8)
  1. This data is derived from using CODE 39.
  2. Except for the keyboard emulation interface type.
  3. TYP.PCS:0.9, W/N:3, Bar code length (includes left and right margins):38.0mm
  4. TYP.PCS:0.9, W/N:3, Bar code length (includes left and right margins):60.0 mm (2.4")
  5. TYP.PCS:0.9, W/N:3, Bar code length (includes left and right margins):60.0 mm (2.4")
  6. This value is based on white and black labels with the magnification ratio of 1.0, space = 0.8 and bar = 0.1.
  7. This data is for low consumption type and RS-232C interface.
  8. Excluding cable