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A world leader in automatic data capture technology and the inventor of the QR code®

  GT15 2D

High-end, advanced & durable scanner with a wide range of reading functions

  • Durable model withstands 2m drops and meets dust/waterproof standard IP54
  • Magic key scanning illumination control function
  • Operates remotely from a host computer
  • Reading confirmation via vibration, buzzer and bright LEDs
  • Utility Software for Easy Programming

Caution: The shape of the projected area marker differs according to the original target market.This hand-held terminal with built-in area marker should not be used in the United States and Canada as it does not meet the specifications required for use there.

Outstanding Readability

Superior Reading Speed of 2D Codes and Bar Codes (Twice Conventional Model(1) Speeds)

Easily Reads Inferior 2D Code Labels

3 color Extra-bright LED

Excellent User Friendly Operation

Easy to see scanner information

Vibrator Function

Scan completion confirmed with vibrationAdjustable Buzzer Volume

3 levels of buzzer volume to suit the surrounding environment

Versatile Reading Functions

Target Pointer Mode

Read Multiple Codes Simultaneously

The GT10Q can read multiple codes within the reading area, such as continuous QR codes and multiple bar codes, in a single reading.

Barcode Reader - The GT10Q achieves high-speed reading equal to traditional linear readers

Drop Test Standard

High standard of impact resistance due to a new stronger body and a design which incorporates impact rubber for added protection.

Splash and Dust Proof to Meet IP54 Standards

Passes IEC International Standards Protection Class IP54(equivalent to JIS splash resistance). High level of protection for use in rugged environments

One-touch Key Functions

Choice of scanning method for user use

Code Discrimination

By registering two types of readable symbologies in the GT10, the magic key can toggle to avoid reading the incorrect codes, while in multiple reading code mode

Power ON/OFF Control

Scanner is on stand by when magic key is OFF. Scanning beings when magic key is(switched) ON.

Transmitting Designated Characters

Data to be transmitted (i.e operation start codes) can be setup beforehand when the magic key is ON.

Retransmit Scanned Data

Scanned data can be retransmitted when the magic key is ON- so the bar code does not need to be repeatedly scanned.

Wide range of Functions

Bar code comparison

Determine if a bar code being read matches a master bar code registered in the GT10.

Remote ON/OFF Function

Scanning can be turned ON/OFF via commands from a host computer.

Auto-sensing function

The auto-sensing function automatically begins scanning when a label is detected.

Programmed Data Formatting

Easily configure the GT10 to automatically format scanner output to meet legacy system requirements.

Simple Setup with Easy to Use Software

Setup can be easily done by printing out a one-step setup bar code using this Set-up Software and scanning with GT10. Scanner Setting

Utility Software for Easy Programming

GT10B is readily available by using the QR_kbif keyboard interface software that allows easy programming without the need to create a serial communication program. QR kbif

Driver for USB interface is available at: Download "USB-COM driver"(Free)

Model GT15Q-HU
Scanner Readable codes 2D Code QR code, MicroQR code, PDF417, MicroPDF417, Maxi code, DataMatrix (ECC200), GS1 DataBar Composite
Bar Code EAN-13/8 (JAN-13/8), UPC/EAN(with add-on), Interleaved 2 of 5, CODABAR(NW-7), CODE 39, CODE 93, CODE128, GS1-128, GS1 DataBar
Resolution 2D Code 0.167mm
Bar Code 0.125mm
Marker Area guide maker
PCS Value Not less than 0.45
Skew Angle 360°
Angle ±35°
Reading confirmation 3-color LED (red, blue and green) buzzer (with volume control), vibrator
Communications Communication system USB 1.1 compliant


Connector I/F

USB Type A(2)(3)


Power supply Supplied from the connection target
Environment Requirements


Shock Resistance(1) Dropped from 2m above concrete floor, on all 6 faces, 5 times each(total 30 times)
Temperature 0 to 50°C
Humidity 10 to 90% RH (without dews)
Illumination 20-10,000lx (Fluorescent lamp in daytime)
Weight (ex.cable) Approx. 210g


Scanning Performance


  • S-GT10 (Desktop stand/wall stand, Black)
  • S-GT11 (Desktop stand/wall stand, Gray)

Hang strap from ceiling

  • T-GT10


  • H-GT10 (Desktop stand/wall stand, Secures GT10/11 in place while bar code is held up and scanned)
  • H-GT11 (Secures GT10/11 in place while bar code is held up and scanned)

Neck Strap

  • NSBHT-8000

Belt Holster

  • K-GT10


  • Operation guide
  • Instructions manual can be downloaded from our technical support site QBdirect.
Model Cable Type Interface Shape Length Price Note
GT10Q-SR GT10Q RS232C/2m Straight GT10Q RS232C/2m Straight GT10Q RS232C/2m Curl CBG1-RS2000/9 RS-232C Straight 2m Open (1)
CBG1-RS5000/9-1 Straight 5m Open (1)
CBG1-RC900/9 Curl 2m Open (1)
GT10Q-SU GT10Q USB/2mStraight CBG1-US2000/4 USB1.1 Y-shape straight 2m Open  
  1. Requires an AC adapter for RS-232C.