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A world leader in automatic data capture technology and the inventor of the QR code®

  GT10B-SB 1D (Bluetooth®) End-of-life

High-end, advanced & durable scanner with a wide range of reading functions

  • Durable model withstands 2m drops and meets dust/waterproof standard IP54
  • Magic key scanning illumination control function
  • Operates remotely from a host computer
  • Reading confirmation via vibration, buzzer and bright LEDs
  • Utility Software for Easy Programming

Connectable to a wide range of devices

Built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology facilitates connection with a wide range of devices.

Improvement in workability with wireless connection

Because there are no cables, the GT10B can be installed anywhere (Min. 10m, with no obstructions). Can be connected by simply scanning the bar code underneath the communication unit.BA10

4 data-saving functions

No connection error

Multiple units can be used simultaneously by specifying where to connect. Transmission Confirmation (planned)

Transmission Confirmation (planned)

Accurate data transmission possible with ACK/NAK protocol built-in.

Data Check (planned)

Error correction code included in the data helps prevent missing and substitution of the data.

Scan Lock

Prevents scanning in the event of disconnection.

Function to notify decline in battery voltage

Buzzer and LED alarm function to warm of decline in battery voltage(planned).

An orange LED will flash at 5-second intervals and a buzzer will sound 3 times.

Extended operating time

Twenty hours of operating time possible even with a constant Bluetooth®connection (at one scan per 5 seconds).

Rapid Recharging

Battery can be charged in approx. 2.5 hrs with the exclusive unit charger (CH-GT10N).

Outstanding scanning capability

World- leading impact resistance

With a stronger body and the use of impact-resistant rubber, the scanner can survive a 2 m drop-the highest standard in the world.

Superior environmental endurance

After many years of developing high quality technology, IEC International Standards Protection Class IP54 (equivalent to JIS splash resistance) has been achieved, preventing water and dust from infiltrating the scanner.

Superior handing

Tri-color Extra Bright LED

Tri-color LED display that shows operation status Vibrator Function

Vibrator Function

Scan completion confirmed by vibration

Adjustable Buzzer Volume

3 levels of buzzer volume to suit the surrounding environment

Use of magic key

Wireless connection control

Wireless connection can be disconnected by pressing and holding the magic key for a few seconds. Reconnect by switching the trigger ON.

Transmission of designated characters

Data that is already stored (eg operations initiation code) can be sent by switching the magic key ON.

Retransmission of scanned data

Scanned data can be retransmitted when the magic key is ON so the bar code does not need to be repeatedly scanned.

LED indicator

Wide range of Functions

Bar code comparison

Determines if a bar code being scanned matches a master bar code redistered in the GT10B.

Data Editing Function

Sorts scanned barcode data and prints out only necessary data.

Setup Software

Setup can be easily done by printing out a one-step setup bar code using this Set-up Software and scanning with GT10.

Scanner Setting

Utility Software for Easy Programming

GT10B is readily available by using the QR_kbif keyboard interface software that allows easy programming without the need to create a serial communication program.QR kbif

Driver for USB interface is available at:

Download "USB-COM driver"(Free)

Type GT10B-S(Standard Range Type)
GT10B-SM(R) GT10B-SM(K) GT10B-SU(1)
Scanner Readable codes EAN-13/8(JAN-13/8), UPC-A/E, UPC/EAN(With add-on codes), Interleaved 2 of 5, STF, CODABAR(NW-7), CODE39, CODE93, CODE128(EAN-128), MSI, Plessey, RSS14, RSS Limited
Resolution 0.125mm
PCS value not less than 0.45
Angle ±40°
Light source LED
Reading sensor Line sensor
Scanning confirmation 3-color LED (red, blue and green) buzzer (with volume control), vibrator
Communications Communication system RS-232C Keyboard emulation USB1.1
Connector I/F D-sub9 pin (Male) Mini DIN6P USB TypeA
Input power supply Power supply original AC adapter - Supplied from the connection target(2)
Power consumption Reading: 200mA max.
Environment Requirements Drip -proof IP54
Shock Resistance(3) 2 m (onto Concrete)
Temperature 0 to 50°C
Humidity 10 to 90%RH (without dews)
Illumination 500 - 10,000lx (Fluorescent lamp in daytime)
Weight(excl. cable) Approx. 190g
  1. Supports 2 systems: USB keyboard interface and USB-COM interface. When using in USB-COM interface mode, USB driver (free of charge) can be downloaded from our homepage.
  2. Connection may not be possible due to the type of PC or USB-HUB being used. Prior confirmation of connection compatibility is required.
  3. Tested value, not guaranteed.


Scanning Performance


  • S-GT10 (Desktop stand/wall stand, Black)
  • S-GT11 (Desktop stand/wall stand, Gray)


  • H-GT10 (Desktop stand/wall stand, Secures GT10/11 in place while bar code is held up and scanned)
  • H-GT11 (Secures GT10/11 in place while bar code is held up and scanned)
  • T-GT10


  • Interface cable
  • AC adaptor (RS-232C type only)
  • Operation guide
  • Instructions manual can be downloaded from our technical support site QBdirect.

GT10B series Cable Listing

Model Cable Type Interface Shape Length Price Note
GT10B-SM®GT10B-LM® GT10B RS232C/5mStraight CBG1-RS2000/9 RS-232C Straight 2m Open (1)
CBG1-RS5000/9 Straight 5m Open (1)
CBG1-RC900/9 Curl 2m Open (1)
GT10B-SM(K)GT10B-LM(K) GT10B keyboard/2mY-shapeStraightGT10B keyboard/2mY-shapeCurl CBG1-KYS2000/6 keyboardemulation Y-shape straight 2m Open  
CBG1-KYC900/6 Y-shapeCurl 2m Open
GT10B-SU,GT10B-LU GT10 USB/2mStraight CBG1-US2000/4 USB1.1 Straight 2m Open  

GT11B series Cable Listing

Model Cable Type Interface Shape Length Price Note
GT11B-SM® GT11 RS232C/2mY-shapeStraight CBG11-RS2000/9 RS-232C Straight 2m Open (1)
GT11B-SM(K) GT11 keyboard/2mY-shapeStraight CBG11-KYS2000/6 keyboardemulation Y-shape straight 2m Open  
GT11B-SU GT11 USB/2mStraight CBG11-US2000/4 USB1.1 Straight 2m Open  
  1. Requires an AC adapter for RS-232C.
Model Color
GT10B-SM(R) Black
Model Color
GT11B-SM(R) White
  1. Note: The letters of model names refer as follows:

    S: standard L: long range M: multiple interfaces at high-resolution U: USB interface R: RS-232C interface K: keyboard interface