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  BHT-7000 1D

  • BHT-7000
  • BHT-7000M

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Advanced Scanning

The BHT-7000 employs an advanced CCD scanning system which enables fast-touch and distance reading of high density bar codes. When scanning, a laser beam is emitted to determine the scanning range and facilitate easy detection of the target bar code.


The BHT-7000 features a vibrator function which is in addition to the reading confirmations, LED and beeper. The appropriate reading confirmation signals can be chosen to suit your working environment.

Remote Wake-up Function

This function enables the BHT-7000 to be operated remotely from the host computer, and can either to be used to upload or download files.

IrDA Communications

With the integrated IrDA-compliant communications device, the BHT-7000 directly transfers data and programs to/from other IrDA-compliant equipment at a speed of up to 115.2 kbps.

Controller CPU 32-bit RISC
Memory 4.5MB (User file area: 2.5MB)
Display Resolution (Character display) 128 × 64 dots(Status display) 128 × 1 dots
Display device FSTN dot matrix liquid crystal display (LCD)
Type & number of characters Alphanumeric & Katakana 21 chars × 8 lines (standard size)21 chars × 10 lines (small size)
Kanji (standard font) 8 chars × 4 lines (full-width)16 chars × 4 lines (half-width)
Kanji (small font) 10 chars × 5 lines (full-width)20 chars × 5 lines (half-width)
Kanji (double-width font) 5 chars × 5 lines (full-width)10 chars × 5 lines (half-width)
Backlight Yes (LED)
Scanner Scanning system CCD
Scanning area 460 mm (18.1 inches) max.(1) (Reading window size: 60mm (2.4 inches))
Readable bar codes JAN-13/-8, EAN-13/-8, UPC-A/-E, UPC/EAN with supplemental codes NW-7, CODE39, CODE93, ITF, CODE128, STF
Resolution 0.125mm (4.9 mils) (PCS: 0.9 min.)
Reading confirmation 2-color LED (red & green), beeper, and vibrator
Keypad Number of keys 24 keys (included power key), 2 magic keys, and 2 trigger switches
Communications Optical I/F Communications system Infrared I/F (IrDA-SIR 1.0 compliant)
Transmission speed 115.2Kbps max.
Transmission distance Approx. 0.8m (2.6ft)
Cable I/F RS-232C, 115.2kbps max.
Power supply Main battery Lithium-ion battery cartridge (sold separately) or two AA (LR6) alkaline battery (sold separately)
Auxiliary functions Calendar clock, beeper, resume function, low-battery indication, and remote wake-up function
Weight Approx. 210g (7.4oz)
Environment requirements Operating temperature -5°C to 50°C (23°F to 122°F)
Drip-proof JIS drip-proof II
Drop impact strength 1.2m (3.9ft) onto concrete floor
  1. Scanning at a distance of 400mm (15.7 inches) from the reading window under these conditions - narrow bar: 1.0mm (39.4 mils) min., ambient illuminance: 500 lux. min.