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A world leader in automatic data capture technology and the inventor of the QR code®


This compact, handy scanner offers top-of-its-class scanning, operability, and durability.

Difference between AT20B and AT21B is only color. (AT20B: White, AT21B: Black)

Each region has different availability of sales product.

Warranty for 5 years
*AT20/21 models have a 5-year warranty, AT27 has a 3-year warranty. Battery and cables not included.

Powerful scanning algorithms included!

The AT20B offers comfortable scanning and fulfils workplace scanning needs—high-speed scanning, super-deep scanning field depth, and wide barcode scanning—through the inclusion of Advanced Scan Plus, the latest in scanning technology.

Improve your work efficiency! High-speed scanning.


With the inclusion of Advanced Scan Plus, an evolutionary advancement in scanning technology, the AT20B has achieved twice the scanning speed of earlier models, bringing improvements to work efficiency when performing inspections and other continuous barcode-scanning tasks.

Super-deep-field scanning


The AT20B enables super-deep-field scanning compatible with a variety of tasks, from close-up scanning to distant scanning, making it possible to perform smooth scanning regardless of the scanner's position.

Easy scanning of wide barcodes


The AT20B is compatible with such wide barcodes as ITF-14, GS1-128 (EAN-128) codes used for public utility bills and medical bills, and Code 39 on EIAJ labels.

Grainy barcode scanning


Developing the latest algorithms has made it possible to further improve the scanning of blurred, bleeding, void, and other troublesome barcodes.

Usage Situations

A barcode scanner that is thoroughly committed to being small, lightweight, and easy to operate. Ideal for tasks at distribution centers, medical workplaces, electronics factories, and more.


Merchandise management at a retail store


Receiving and shipping management of electronics components


Medical product picking at a hospital


A lightweight, compact body that thoroughly prioritizes user-friendliness for the operator.

A body that is exceptionally easy to grip


The AT20B uses a rounded easy-to-grip shape that fits the palm of your hand. Lessen the burden of long working hours.

A sharp, practical design


Equipped with an LED with a sloped surface that promotes easy targeting


The scanning guide light improves the ease of targeting over previous models, even with multi-level barcodes or very small barcodes affixed to at20b-d-printed board, reels, etc.


All the high-quality, high-durability expertise developed at DENSO Wave has been brought together!

Reliable even when accidents happen. Top of its class in shock resistance.


The AT20B can be used reliably even when accidents occur, thanks to its outstanding durability as verified through repeated drop tests from a height of about 1.8 m.

IP42 protective construction achieved. Minimizes damage due to water and dust.


Damage-resistant cable


Cable connectors with a lock mechanism are used, preventing connector damage.

Configuration Software at Time of Introduction

Configuration software that lets you smoothly introduce the AT20B.


Configuration Method 1

Upload all parameters at once as a batch operation from a PC via the COM port.


Configuration Method 2

Using the configuration software to output a batch configuration barcode, you can scan in all the parameters in one go with the AT20B.

Comprehensive functionality that broadens the possibilities for scanning

Auto-sense mode


Because the AT20B automatically detects when a label is placed in view and begins to scan it, it can really demonstrate its strengths in the workplace when attached to a stand for operation.

Data verifying function


The AT20B includes Verifying functional that registers a master code and compares it to the scanning target.

Data verifying function


It accommodates simple programming functionality (ADF scripting), permitting many different operation control possibilities like data truncating and sorting.

Command control


The operational status of the scanner can be controlled with commands from a superordinate device.


Software trigger: turns scanning on or off.

Primary command control examples Descriptions
Software trigger Turns scanning on or off.
Trigger switch control Toggles trigger mode and halts the trigger.
Buzzer sound control Controls buzzer sound timing and pattern.
LED light control Controls LED light timing.
Version check Checks the software version on the scanner.
Model AT20B-SM(White) AT21B-SM(Black)
RS-232C Model USB Model RS-232C Model USB Model
Type AT20B-SM(R) AT20B-SM(U) AT21B-SM(R) AT21B-SM(U)
Scanner Scanning system Advanced Scan Plus(CCD)
Readable codes EAN-13/8(JAN-13/8), UPC-A/E, UPC/EAN(With add-on codes), Interleaved 2of5(ITF), CODABAR(NW-7), CODE39, CODE93, CODE128, GS1-128(EAN-128), RSS(GS1 DataBar)
Resolution 0.125mm
Marker LED
PCS value not less than 0.3
Angle ±50°
Scanning confirmation 3-color LED (Blue,Green and Red), buzzer (with 3-step volume and tone control)
Communication I/F I/F RS-232C USB (COM, HID)(1) RS-232C USB (COM, HID)(1)
Connector form Dsub-9Pin USB TypeA Dsub-9Pin USB TypeA
Cable 2m straight cable
Power Power supply original AC adapter Supplied from the connection target original AC adapter Supplied from the connection target
Supplied from the connection target Supplied from the connection target
Environment Requirements Drip -proof IP42
Drop resistance(2) 1.8m × 6times ,1.5m × 60times (each 6surface × 10times) on to concrete
Temperature -5 to 50°C
Humidity 10 to 90% RH (without dews)
Illumination 20 to 10000l×(Fluorescent lamp)
Weight (excl. cable) Approx. 105g
  1. Two methods are supported: a USB keyboard interface and a USB-COM interface.
  2. These are test values, but they are not guaranteed values.


AT20B-SM/AT21B; Optional Parts List

♦Desktop mount for the AT20B-SM
♦Desktop mount for the AT21B-SM
♦Hands-free stand to hold the AT20B-SM when distant scanning
♦Hands-free stand to hold the AT21B-SM when distant scanning

Cable line-up

AT20B Cable line-up

Model Cable Type Interface Form Length
AT20B-SM(RS-232C)AT21B-SM(RS-232C) AT20/21B RS-232C cable / Power from AC adpter CBA2-RS2000/9 RS-232C Straight 2m
AT20/21B RS-232C cable/ Power from host unit CBA2-RS2000/9-1
AT20B-SM(USB)AT21B-SM(USB) AT20/21B USB cable CBA2-US2000/4 USB1.1 Straight 2m