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Supported models Model Note
Holder S-GT10 For GT10/11 B/Q
S-GT11 For GT10/11 B/Q (1)
S-60M For HC36 series
S-60W For HC36 series
S-30 For HC36 series
Stand H-GT10 For GT10/11 B/Q
H-GT11 For GT10/11 B/Q (2)
H-QS20H For QS20H series (2)
Neck Strap NSBHT-8000 For GT10/11 B/Q
Holster K-GT10 For GT10/11 B/Q
Suspender case T-GT10 For GT10/11 B/Q (3)

  1. The scanner stand can be mounted on a wall or table.
  2. Scanner is in fixed position, where slips or work items are held up and scanned (Hands-free Stand).
  3. Ceiling-mount unit for GT10.