QB20 2D
QB20 2DQB20 2D

Compact housing suitable for embedded architecture

  • QB20
  • QB20-HD

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Compact Design Suitable for Building onto a Device

This scanner is equipped with a decoder, light, and lens all in one compact body. It features a proximity design with a 25 mm reading position. It can easily be embedded and installed onto a device without worrying about space.

Reading Moving Labels

Adopting a high luminance LED makes it possible to read labels moving at 600 mm/second*. The reading code and communication parameters can be easily set or modified.(1)

Easy Setup

The reading code and communication parameters can be easily set or modified using setup commands.

  1. When the cell size of QR code is 0.42 mm and the shutter speed is 1/2000.


Model QB20
Reading area Readable codes 2D Code QR code, Micro QR code, PDF417
Bar code UPC-A/E, EAN-13/8, CODE39, NW-7, ITF, CODE128
Minimum resolution 2D Code 0.25mm
Bar code 0.15mm
Standard reading position 25mm
Scanning area 47 x 35mm
PCS value 0.45 or above
Skew angle 360 degrees
Elevation/inclination ±15 degrees
External input/output Input Trigger
Output OK/Not OK, external lighting synchronizing signal
Communication interface spec RS-232C
Communication speed 115.2 kbps MAX.
Connector D-sub15n
Power Rated voltage DC 5V, 1A
Environmental conditions Operating temperature limits 0 to 40 degrees Celsius
Operating humidity limits 10 to 85% RH (without dews)
Operating luminance 3,000 lux or less (under a daytime fluorescent lamp)
Weight (excluding a cable) 320g


Dimensions for QB20 2D


QD20 Option list

Setting Software

  • Oblique illumination (Shower)
  • Oblique illumination (Low angle)
  • Coaxial oblique illumination
  • Transparent illumination

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