Easy Pack Pro
Easy Pack ProEasy Pack Pro

Convenient inventory software for BHT

  • EasyPack Pro

Each region has different availability of sales product.


  • Ready-made software of stock-taking for BHT series
  • It enables to read not only barcode but QR Code (by only with QHT-1000)
  • 20 kinds of Item names such as [part number], [quantity] are already registered. Their names can be easily changed and registered.
  • Easy setup of data structure by communicative menu.
  • Easy memory and transmission of data to a host PC.

Operation Environment

Compliant models BHT-5000 series, BHT-6000 series, BHT-7000 series, BHT-8000 series

Product Brochures

8-page brochure featuring BHT development tools, application generators, operations support and setting software.
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