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  • BA10-RKU
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Communication with a device with Bluetooth® is easy

You can exchange data with a device with Bluetooth® technology without a special driver just by connecting the BA10 to your PC not compatible with Bluetooth® technology.

Can be used in conjunction with a wide range of devices with Bluetooth®

Using the Serial Port Profiles (SPP) allows you to establish communication not only with a scanner with Bluetooth® technology but also with a printer and cell phone that supports Bluetooth®technology.

Various interface options are provided.

Four types of interfaces, i.e., RS232C, RS/2 Keyboard, USB Keyboard and USB-COM interfaces, are available for connecting the BA10 to your PC. You can use the BA10 in different operating environments.

Confirming the currently designated interface is easy.

When powered on, the BA10 automatically indicates the type of interface currently running by changing the color of power LED.

Parameter setting is easy with configuration software

You can simply set the intended parameter from your PC using the BASetting configuration software. Arrow BA setting

Utility Software for Easy Programming

GT10B is readily available by using the QR_kbif keyboard interface software that allows easy programming without the need to create a serial communication program.Arrow QR kbif

Driver for USB interface is available at:Arrow Download "USB-COM driver" (Free)


Type BA10-RKU
Bluetooth® System Bluetooth® Specification Ver. 1.1
Power Class 2
Profile Serial Port Profile
Range Min. 10m, with no obstructions (1)
For Host (Cable communication) Serial I/F System RS-232C
Speed from 1200 bps to 115200 bps
Keybord I/F System PS/2 Keybord I/F
Level CMOS Level
USB I/F System USB Specication Revision 1.1
Mode of operation USB Keyboad I/F, USB-COM I/F
Power Supply RS232C I/F AC Adaptor
Keyboard I/F Supplied from the connection target
USB I/F Supplied from the connection target
Weight Approx. 20g
  1. Connection ranges depend on a working environment.



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