BHT - Basic 4.0 Development Pack
BHT - Basic 4.0 Development PackBHT - Basic 4.0 Development Pack

A software package required for the development of BHT applications

  • BHT-BASIC4.0 Development Pack
  • BHT-BASIC4.0 Up GradePack
Each region has different availability of sales product. The Trial Edition of this software can be downloaded from QBdirect.

Software Tool for Developing Applications

This BHT-BASIC4.0 Development Pack contains the complete software programs required for developing applications for the BHT Series scanners. You can start a development at right using the provided software and accessory products described below.

  • BHT-BASIC 4.0 Compiler (including BHT-BASIC3.6)
  • BHT-BASIC 4.0 Remote Debugger (debugging BHT-BASIC3.6 is enabled)
  • BHT-BASIC 4.0 Transfer Utility (including BHT-Ir protocol)
  • PC-BHT cable (RS232C)

Easy-To-Develop Programming Language

Since a BASIC language based on the Microsoft MS-BASIC ideal for handy terminals is used, this development package offers features unique to a barcode reader just with one command. Included in the package are commands and functions exclusively used for barcode reading and data reception/transmission. Since this BHT-BASIC operates in the interpreter environment, reliable operation free from expected failures such as breakdown or memory destruction caused by a potential programming error is realized.

Expanded Functions

Basic elements of conventional BHT-BASIC3.6 programs, such as a size of program and data file, variable and label length, are largely extended, which all together will help give much more flexibility in developing a program. (1)

High Compatibility

You can compile a source program written by BHT-BASIC3.x without a change using the BHT-BASIC4.0 compiler. (2)

  1. However, these expansions apply only to the BHT-300 Series scanners. The BHT-7000/BHT-7500/BHT-8000/BHT-100 Series still use the existing BHT-BASIC3.6 basic elements.
  2. Note that programs that rely on the hardware, such as communication speed, should be appropriately modified.
Model Supported PC/AT Compatible
OS Windows® 2000/XP (32-bit)/Vista (32-bit) (2)
CPU CPU with Intel® architecture (Pentium® 133 MHz or above)(3)
Memory Memory required for normal operation of the above OS
HDD 5 MB of free space or more

BHT Supported

BHT Supported Model
BHT-BASIC4.0 BHT-300 Series
BHT-BASIC3.x compatible BHT-7000/BHT-7500/BHT-8000/BHT-100 Series

BHT-BASIC4.0 Remote Debugger Operation Environment

Model Supported PC/AT Compatible
OS Windows® 2000/XP
Memory Memory required for normal operation of the above OS
HDD 5 MB of free space or more
Serial port Serial port supporting communication speed of 115200 bps
Display Resolution of 800 x 600 dots or higher

BHT Supported

Model Model System Version (1)
BHT-BASIC4.0 BHT-300 Series All versions
BHT-BASIC3.6 BHT-7000 Ver. 2.03 or above
BHT-7000 Ver. 2.03 or above
BHT-7500 Ver. 1.26 or above
BHT-7500W Ver. 1.04 or above
BHT-8000 Ver. 1.02 or above
BHT-8000D Ver. 1.03 or above
BHT-103Q Ver. 2.02 or above
BHT-102B Ver. 2.03 or above
BHT-103QF Ver. 2.01 or above
BHT-102BF Ver. 2.01 or above
BHT-100BW All versions
BHT-100QW All versions

BHT-BASIC4.0 Transfer Utility Operation Environment

Model Supported PC/AT Compatible
OS Windows®98 Windows® NT4.0/2000/XP Professional (2)
CPU CPU with Intel®architecture (Pentium® 133 MHz or above) (3)
Memory Memory required for normal operation of the above OS
HDD 2 MB of free space or more
Communication port RS-232C communication port

BHT Supported

Protocol Model
BHT-Ir Protocol,Y-modem BHT-300 Series
BHT-Ir Protocol BHT-7000 series, BHT-7500 series, (including wireless type), BHT-8000 series, BHT-100 series, (including wireless type, excluding BHT-100BW-CE)

  1. The latest system can be downloaded from QBdirect (only for Registered Users)
  2. Windows® are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.
  3. Intel® are registered trademarks or trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S.

Basic Features of BHT-BASIC4.0

The BHT-BASIC4.0, an extended version of BHT-BASIC3.6, has been enhanced to support even a larger file size and program size. In addition, its enhanced variable scope and valid duration combined with a wide range of selectable user-defined functions have increased the efficiency of program development.

In the BHT-BASIC4.0A, an execution program has a .PD4 type extension, instead of a .PD3 type conventionally adapted in BHT-BASIC3.x.


Operating Environment of BHT-BASIC4.0 (Supported BHTs)

The executable programs (PD4) complied by the BHT-BASIC4.0 Development Pack are designed to operate on the BHT-300 Series scanners equipped with a system compatible with BHT-BASIC4.0. They do not run on the BHT scanners, such as BHT-8000 Series, equipped with the conventional BHT-BASIC3.x-supported systems.

Any source programs written by BHT-BASIC4.0 cannot be complied in the BHT-BASIC3.6 configuration.

Wide Selections of Data File Sizes

Data file sizes are extended to meet large volumes of data.

Maximum number of records Increased to 2G from 32,767 records
(equivalent to a maximum No. of long integer)
Maximum record length Increased to 65,535 from 255 bytes
Field variable size Increased to 8,192 from 255 characters (equivalent to a maximum length of character string)
Number of fields Increased to 254 from 16 fields

Extended Variable Types

To gain access to a large amount of storage, types of variables are extended. You can use extended versions of variables on the BHTs.

  • Supporting long integers
  • A maximum length of character string is significantly increased from 255 to 8,192 characters

Enhanced Variable Scope/Valid Duration

The scope of variable, a range in which the variable can be referred to, is enhanced to make it explicitly definable (PUBLIC statement).

In addition, controlling the valid duration of each variable, or a period the variable remains valid, specified in the user-defined function is possible (DIM, PRIVATE and STATIC statements).

Extended Basic Program Elements

Program Increased to 3,2767 from 8,192 characters per line
Number of program lines is increased to 32,767 from 9,999
Program size is increased to 2 GB max. from 128 KB(1) max. (However, it depends on the memory size of BHT.)
Label Number of characters is increased to 255 from 10 characters
Identifier Number of characters is increased to 255 from 10 characters
Number of available identifiers is increased to 1,024 from 255 for each variable type
  1. 64 KB program cord + 64 KB register variable

Product Brochures

8-page brochure featuring BHT development tools, application generators, operations support and setting software.
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