BHT Advanced Pack
BHT Advanced PackBHT Advanced Pack

Application development tool to develop/operate BHT tasks without programming

  • BHT Advanced Pack

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The Trial Edition of Development pack containing this software can be downloaded from QBdirect.


An easy-to-understand graphic display for easy and quick creation of job applications

The user can create a job application as needed by indicating basic jobs, such as display, entry and registration, with icons and combining these icons in task blocks.

The package covers a wide range of works from job application development to actual operation.

The BHT Advanced Pack includes application generator, master file manager, and communication tool.

The communication tool supports serial communication, LAN communication and RF communication, conveying the data collected in the BHT to a PC in full-scale operations.

Easy and simple master file management

Using the BHT Advanced Pack master file manger allows the user to convert files in EXCEL, ACCESS and CSV formats into BHT format files.

A variety of job samples are available

The BHT Advanced Pack offers a wide selection of job samples. The user can select a sample best suited for inventory control, order taking, outgoing inspection, picking, incoming inspection and shipping inspection.

Operation Environment

Operation Environment

To run BHT Advanced Pack, the following components are required.

  • Communication unit (CU)
  • Host computer

Converting master files in .XLS and .MDB formats requires, in addition to the above, the following software.

  • Microsoft Excel 97/2000/2002
  • Microsoft Access 97/2000/2002

Using a LAN connection requires FTP server,in addtion to the above.

Type PC/AT
OS Windows® 98SE/2000/XP
CPU Pentium® 200MHz or higher CPU
Memory 64MB or more of RAM
HDD 32MB or more free space
Device CD-ROM drive, Mouse or other appropriate pointing device, COM port
Display Display with a resolution of at least 800x600


BHT-8000 series, BHT-7000 series, BHT-7500, BHT-7500W

System Architecture

Product Brochures

8-page brochure featuring BHT development tools, application generators, operations support and setting software.
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