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  For BHT-8000 Series

CU-8001 RS-232C interface + scanner battery + rechargeable battery cartridge

  • CU-8002 RS-232C interface
  • CU-8011 LAN interface + scanner battery + rechargeable battery cartridge
  • CU-8021 USB interface + scanner battery + rechargeable battery cartridge

Each region has different availability of sales product.

Type CU-8001 CU-8002 CU-8021(1) CU-8011
Communication area BHT<->CU Communication system Infrared (IrDA-SIR Ver. 1.2 [Low Power] compliant)
Communication speed 115.2 kbps MAX.
CU<->Host Communication system RS-232C USB1.1 Full-Speed compliant Ethernet (10BASE-T)
Connector Dsub-9P USB B type RJ-45
Display area Operation check LED 4(2) - 4(2)
Charging part Charging time BHT main body 8 hours - 8 hours
Backup battery 8 hours - 8 hours
Power supply AC adapter From connected device AC adapter/From connected device AC adapter
  1. Connection may not be possible depending on the model of personal computer or USB-HUB. We therefore recommend connection be tested in advance. If the connection target cannot supply power, or if charging/discharging is required when the power is off or suspended, an AC adaptor (sold separately) will be required.
  2. Four items: Power ON, Communication, Main body charging, Battery charging