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  For BHT-400 Series

CU-401 RS-232C interface + scanner battery

  • CU-421 USB interface + scanner battery
Each region has different availability of sales product.

Type CU-401 CU-421 (1)
Communication BHT←→CU Communication system Infrared (IrDA-SIR Ver1.2 [Low Power] compliant)
Communication speed 115.2kbps MAX.
CU←→host Communication system RS-232C USB1.1
Display LEDs Power ON & Communication status
Battery charger Charge time Approx. 3 hours Power ON Communication status (2)
Power source AC adaptor Connection target/ AC adapter
  1. The communication unit may not be successfully connected depending on the type of PC or USB-HUM model being used; Check the connection prior to use. It is necessary to purchase the AC adapter (sold separately) when the connected device does not have power supply or the scanner needs recharging while the connected device is turned off or suspended.
  2. Charging time depends on the power source. When AC adapter is used, charging will take about 3 hours.
Model Cable Type LengthLength Shape Length Price
BHT-400 I/Fcable BHT-400-PC/RS CBBHT-RS1000/10-9-011 RS-232C PC (Dsub 9S) 1m open
I/F cable BHT-400-PC/USB CBBHT-US1000/10-4B-01 USB PC (4PA type) 1m open