BHT-800B Series
BHT-800B SeriesBHT-800B Series

Unparalleled scanning and comfort with a powerful, fast and user-friendly performance

  • Reliable and high-speed scanning for first-time users or expert operators
  • Secure and rapid data communications
  • Ergonomic design ensures an easy grip for any situation in the field
  • Full support of application lifecycles, from design to development, installation and operation
  • Wide field of view for scanning


Stress-free and speedy scanning for first-time or expert users

Superior scanning performance is achieved through a newly-developed scanning engine. Enables reliable and high-speed scanning even for people unaccustomed to the work.

Touch Scanning

Scanning can be carried out simply on order books with contiguous barcodes as well as on small and difficult-to-target shelf codes.

Wide Field of view for scanning

Even with barcodes of differing widths such as JAN and ITF, with the BHT-800B, scanning is possible from a fixed distance without the need to pull back or close in on target codes.
In addition, a range of barcodes are supported, including space-saving RSS(GS1-DataBar) barcodes.

High-speed scanning at twice the speed or faster

Even when carrying out work to scan barcodes in succession for inspections and the like, barcodes can be scanned at high-speed while maintaining a good tempo.
As well as eliminating the stress associated with scanning like never before, reduced work times have also been achieved. ※ratio of our previous

Deteriorated barcodes are also readable

Difficult-to-read barcodes that have deteriorated due to chaffing or peeling can be smoothly scanned.
*It may not be possible to read some barcodes depending on the state of their deterioration.


A Design that rose out of extensive review of how our products are used

An ergonomic design has been employed to attain a superior fit that takes into account a variety of grips used in the field.

A form in pursuit of a comfortable grip and ease of operation

Grip variations

Change grips freely depending on the task at hand

During Inspection

When scanning tasks are repeated

During order placement

Scanning while checking on-screen information

During stocktaking

When repeatedly alternating between scanning and the entry of numerical values

Other Functions

Advanced performance BHT-800B features to ensure long

Secure file system

Since input data is saved to the flash memory inside the handy terminal, data will not disappear even in the off chance that the batteries run out.

The hassle of repeating tasks from the beginning or the burden of working while worrying about the batteries running out is eliminated.

Drop resistance, environmental resistance

Drop tests onto a concrete surface 60 times from a height of 1.2m were implemented with an in-the-field usage scenario in mind.

The product can be used with peace of mind due to its outstanding durability performance.
Rating Resistance to Solid Foreign Objects Water Resistance
2 Solid material of at least 12mm Falling water at a 15° angle
3 Solid material of at least 2.5mm Sprayed water
4 Solid material of at least 1mm Airborne droplets
5 Not adversely affected by coarse particulate (dust-tight type) Water jet
6 Does not allow coarse particulate inside (dust-proof type) Strong water jet
7 Temporary submersion (watertight type)
Achieves an IEC International Standards protection rating of IP54, offering protection from airborne droplets and dust.

An easy-to-read, clear screen

2.6-inch QVGA color LCD

  • A variety of information including company logos and product images can be displayed in an easy to read fashion, offering significant improvements to work efficiency.
  • The use of scalable fonts achieves a high degree of freedom in screen design.
  • The grayscale display renders complicated characters or characters with high stroke counts with clarity. (At 24-dot display, 10 characters x 13 lines can be displayed)

Enabling smooth model changes

Conventional QVGA LCD models and web screens can be displayed without alteration.
A compatibility mode that allows migration of screens with the BHT-300B is available.

Safe and rapid data communications

Supports the latest security and high-speed communications over wireless LAN

In addition to WEP keys and SSIDs, the latest WPA / WPA2 security is also supported.
Moreover, IEEE802.11b/g, which achieves transmission speeds of up to 54Mbps, is also supported.

Prevent Operational Errors

Fitted with a speaker and vibrating function

Notifies the user of finished tasks and errors through sound and vibration.
Supports WAV files, allowing user-defined sounds to be played.

  1. Support BHT-805BW only


Model BHT-805BW
Memory 32 MB (user file area approx. 21 MB)
Display Size (1) 240 × 320 dots (QVGA)
Inches 2.6 inch
Display device Liquid crystal dot matrix color display
Scanning System Advanced Scan (CCD)
Scanner Scanning 420mm MAX. (at a distance of 400mm from label surface)
Readable codes EAN-13/8(JAN-13/8), UPC-A/E, UPC/EAN with add-on, Interleaved 2 of 5, CODABAR(NW-7), CODE39, CODE93, CODE128(EAN-128), Standard 2 of 5, RSS(GS1-DataBar)
Resolution 0.125mm
Scanning confirmation 3-color LED (red, green & blue), Speaker and vibration
Key pad Number of keys 25 keys (incl. power key) + 2 trigger keys
Communications Optical I/F Communication system Infrared (IrDA Ver.1.2 Physical Layer Compliant)
Communication speed 4Mbps MAX.
Transmission distance Approx. 0.15m MAX.
Wireless I/F Standard IEEE802.11b/g
Wavelength 2.4 GHz
Number of Channels 13
Transmission distance (2) Indoors: Approx. 75 m, Outdoors: Approx. 200 m
Modulation system Spread spectrum system (direct sequence) Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Communication speed (2) 54 Mbps MAX.
Access system Infrastructure mode, ad-hoc mode
Power supply Main battery Lithium-ion battery
Operation hours 27 hours (3), 20 hours (4)
Auxiliary functions Clock, speaker, vibration, low-battery indication and remote wake-up function
Environment Requirements Operating temperature -5°C to 50°C
Protection rating IP54
Drop resistance (5) 60 times from 1.2 m
Weight (incl. battery) Approx. 220g
  1. The LCD panel is manufactured using high-precision technologies. While its effective pixel count is over 99.99%, please be aware that there may be up to 0.01% of dead or stuck-on pixels.
  2. Communication speed and transmission distance are theoretical values, and may vary according to actual environmental conditions.
  3. In the case of 1 scans every 5 seconds, at backlight level 1.
  4. In the case of Scanning : Wireless communication : Screen rewriting : Standby = 1:1:1:20. Backlight level: 1. Wireless device turns ON only during communication, otherwise it turns OFF.
  5. Tested value, not guaranteed


Dimensions for BHT-800B Series

Scanning Performance

Graph for BHT-800B Series
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Cradles performing data communications between BHT and host machines with various interfaces.
  • CU-801 (RS-232C communication, Main unit charging)
  • CU-811 (Ethernet communication, Main unit charging)
  • CU-821 (USB communication, Main unit charging)


A lineup of various BHT main unit charging type and backup cartridge charging type devices.
  • C-851 Main unit charger
  • CH-704 Four slot battery cartridge
  • CH-854 Four slot main unit charger

Power supply

Backup batteries for BHTs
  • BT-20LB (Lithium-ion battery)


  • Hand belt
  • Operation guide
  • Lithium ion battery BT-20LB
  • Instructions manual can be downloaded from our technical support site QBdirect.

Related Software

Related Software Lineup

Development Tools

Basic tool for BHT application development

BHT Software

Application software for BHT

  • BHT Term Emulator
    Software for using Wireless BHT as a terminal in the on-line operating system in AS/400, etc. (Only SS wireless model)
  • BHT Browser
    Browser software enabling the use of a wireless BHT as a web client in web-based business systems (restrictions depending on model and version)

Implementation Support Tools

Software to configure various parameters for the BHT-600

Full support of application lifecycles from design to development, introduction and operation

Full support for the development of application programs. Offers high compatibility among models.

Development: BHT-Basic 4.0, which supports the development of high-quality applications

BHT-BASIC 4.0 Development Pack

Installation: BHT-setting. which reduces troublesome installation work

Steps when using BHT-Setting

Various required settings and application installations can be carried out easily when introducing new handy terminals.

Operation: Reducing operation man-hours– the "BHT Manager" Software

BHT Manager Usage Scenario

In addition to the ability to check the status of work and easily send data, operation man-hours are reduced through automatic updating of applications and the BHT-OS.
  1. Downloadable free of charge from our website (QBdirect).
  2. Requires an access point equipped with a DHCP server function.

Product Brochures

2-page data sheet with features and specifications for the BHT-800 series of Basic OS barcode terminals.
File Size: 1.9 MB
14-page brochure featuring DENSO ADC scanners, terminals and software
File Size: 1.84 MB
Folleto de 14 páginas presentando los productos DENSO ADC: escáneres, terminales, herramientas y aplicaciones
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