BHT-300Q for US 2D
BHT-300Q for US 2DBHT-300Q for US 2D

Standard model with all the basic functionalities of a hand-held barcode terminal

  • Industry-leading performance enables touch and distance reading of up to 450 mm
  • Superior impact resistance and operating environment features
  • Power-saving design achieves longer operating time
  • Easy-to-operate, highly durable key pad
  • Scanners can be controlled by a PC to facilitate remote maintenance of master files, applications and operating systems


Caution: The shape of the projected area marker differs according to the original target market.This hand-held terminal with built-in area marker should not be used in the United States and Canada as it does not meet the specifications required for use there.

Outstanding Scanning Performance

Scans at twice the speed (1) of conventional scanners.

Easily scans poorly printed and damaged 2D code.

Superior Operability

A area marker clearly indicates the scanning area.

Wide Range of Scanning Features

Industry-leading impact resistance and superior operating environment features

The BHT-300Q series achieve drop resistance (concrete floor) of 30 times at 1.2 m.
Passes IEC International Standards Protection Class IP54 and reliably shuts out water and dust.

Power-saving design achieves longer operating time

A high capacity lithum ion battery and power-saving design extends continuous operating time and reduces costs. (2)

Largest screen in its class

Capable of displaying a range of fonts on the wide liquid crystal display.

The bright backlight makes the BHT-300Q easy to use, even in dark conditions.

Enhanced Features


The vibrator accurately informs the operator of scanning completion and errors, even in noisy operating environments.

Easy-to-operate, highly durable key pad

Advanced Development Pack

The BHT-300Q series is compatible with BHT-BASIC 4.0, which is now equipped with even easier to use functions.

Remote Wakeup Function

The remote wakeup function enables the BHT-300Q series to be controlled by a PC, as well as facilitating remote maintenance of master files, applications and operating systems, etc.

  1. When scanning up to 150 characters of QR Code in high-speed scanning mode.
  2. When scanning twice in 10 second and not using the wireless interface.


Model BHT-304Q BHT-304QB BHT-304QW BHT-304QWB
Memory (1) 18MB (User area appox. 12.5MB) 18MB (User area appox. 12MB) 18MB (User area appox. 12MB) 18MB (User area appox. 11.7MB)
Display Display device Liquid crystal dot matrix display (Monochrome)
Size 132 × 72 dots
Character type Alphanumeric & Katakana 22 cha. × 9 lines
Kanji characters(standard) 8 cha. × 4 lines
Kanji characters(small) 11 cha. × 6 lines
Scanner Scanning system Area sensor
Scanning area 59mm × 44mm (with a distance of 110 mm from label)
Readable codes 2-dimensional codes QR Code, Micro QR Code, PDF417, Micro PDF, MaxiCode, DataMatrix, EAN, UCC Composite
Bar codes EAN-13/-8(JAN-13/-8), UPC-A/-E,UPC/EAN (with add-on codes), Interleaved 2 of 5, CODABAR (NW-7), CODE39, CODE128 (EAN-128), RSS
Resolution 2-dimensional codes 0.25mm
Bar codes 0.15mm
Focusing point 110mm
Marker Area marker
Reading confirmation 2-color LED (red green), buzzer, vibrator
Keyboard Number of keys 26 keys (incl, Power switch) + 2 trigger keys
Communications Optical I/F Communication system Infrared (IrDA-SIR 1.2 compliant)
Communication speed 115.2kbps MAX.
Transmission distance Approx. 0.15m
Wireless I/F Standard - - IEEE802.11b
Wavelength - - 2.4GHz
Transmission distance (2) - - Indoors: Approx. 75m, Outdoors: Approx. 200m
Modulation method - - Spread spectrum method (Direct sequence spread)
Communication speed (2) - - 11/5.5/2/1Mbps (Automatic Switching)
Security - - Refer to attached table.
Bluetooth - Bluetooth Ver1.2 Compliant Class2 - Bluetooth Ver1.2 Compliant Class2
Connector I/F RS232C (115.2kbps MAX.)
Power suply Main power Lithium-ion battery cartridge
Operation hours (3) Approx 48 hours (4) Approx 26 hours (5)(6) Approx 26 hours (7)(8) Approx 13 hours (9)
Auxiliary functions Calendar clock, Buzzer, Vibration, Resume, Low-battery indication, Remote wake-up
Environment equirements Operating temperature -5°C to 50°C
Drip-proof IP54
Shock Resistance (10) Dropped from 1.2m above concrete floor, on all 6 faces, 5 times each (total 30 times)
Weight Approx. 235g Approx. 245g Approx. 250g Approx. 265g

  1. User area contains a font file domain (approx. 400KB).
  2. Communication speed and transmission distance are theoretical values, and may vary according to actual environmental conditions.
  3. Operating hours may vary according to operating conditions.
  4. In the case of 2 times readings in 10 seconds, without wireless communications.
  5. Bluetooth device turns ON only during communication, otherwise it turns OFF.
  6. 1 cycle of 30 seconds = Reading (for 1 second), Bluetooth communication, Screen rewriting (for 1 second), and standby.
  7. In the case of Reading : Wireless communication : Screen rewriting : Standby = 1:1:1:20
  8. Wireless device turns ON only during communication, otherwise it turns OFF.
  9. 1 cycle of 30 seconds = Reading (for 1 second), Bluetooth communication (always-ON connection), Wireless communication, Screen rewriting (for 1 second), and standby. Wireless device turns ON only during communication, otherwise it turns OFF.
  10. Tested value, not guaranteed.


Dimensions for BHT-300Q for US 2D

Scanning Performance

Graph for BHT-300Q for US 2D
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Cradles performing data communications between BHT and host machines with various interfaces.
  • CU-301 (RS-232C communication, Main unit charging)
  • CU-311 (LAN communication, Main unit charging)
  • CU-321 (USB communication, Main unit charging)


Charger lineup of BHT main unit charging type and backup cartridge charging type.
  • CU-201A (Lithium ion battery charger - Charging time: approx. 3 hours)
  • CU-351 (Main unit charger - Charging time: approx. 3 hours)
  • BOXCH-201-4 (Up to 4 units of CH-201A can be connected and charged.)
  • BOXCH-351-4 (Up to 4 units of CH-351A can be connected and charged.)

Power supply

Battery for BHT
  • BT-20LB (Lithium-ion battery)

Case, others

Exclusive covers protecting BHT from dirt
  • SCBHT-300Q (Soft case)
  • WHBHT-100/300 (Belt Holster)
  • BCBHT-300 (Battery cover)

Connection configuration examples



  • Hand belt
  • Stylus pen
  • Lithium-ion battery BT-20LB
  • Operation guide
  • Instructions manual can be downloaded from our technical support site QBdirect.

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Development Tools

Basic tool for BHT application development

BHT Software

Application software for BHT

  • BHT Term Emulator
    Software for using wireless BHT as a terminal in the on-line operating system operated in AS / 400 grades, etc.

Application Generator

Various tools which create the application for BHT operation, easily

WLAN Security


Product Number Area Version Security
496900-070X EU All check check
496800-039X Australia, Asia All check
496900-067X Australia, Asia All check check

Product Brochures

2-page data sheet with features and specifications for the BHT-300 series of Basic OS barcode terminals.
File Size: 1.76 MB