For BHT-200 Series
For BHT-200 SeriesFor BHT-200 Series

CU-201 RS-232C interface + scanner battery

  • CU-221 USB interface + scanner battery
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Type CU-201 CU-221
Communication BHT<->CU Communication system IrDA-SIR Ver. 1.2 (Low Power) compliant
Communication speed 115.2 kbps MAX.
CU<->Host Communication system RS-232C USB 1.1 Full-Speed compliant
Display LEDs Power, communication(1)
Battery charger Charge time Approx, 3 hours Approx, 9 hours (2)
Power source AC/DC adapter From connected device
  1. Connection may not be possible depending on the type of PC or USB-HUB being used. Prior confirmation of compatibility is required. The AC/DC adapter (sold separately) is required when attempting to recharge the battery while the connected device is turned off or in suspend mode, or when power supply from the connected device is not possible.
  2. Charge time may vary according to the power supply capability of the connected device. Charge time is 3 hours when using the AC/DC adapter.


Dimensions for For BHT-200 Series

Battery charger

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Lithium-ion battery charger
Charging Battery cartridge 1 unit, charging time: approx. 3H
Weight Approx. 75g
Size 80(D) x 65(W) x 26.5(H)mm
Power supply AC adapter

Scanner charger

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BHT charger
Charging Scanner battery 1 unit, charging time: approx. 3H
Weight Approx. 200g
Size 134.4(D) x 114(W) x 92(H)mm
Power supply AC adapter

Multiple battery charger

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Up to 4 CH-201A units can be recharged 1
Charging time Approx. 3H
Power supply AC adapter

Lithium-ion battery

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  1. CH-201A is sold separately.
Model Cable Type Interface Shape Length Price
BHT-200 I/Fcable BHT200-PC/RS CBBHT-RS1000/8-9-01 RS-232C PC(Dsub9S) 1.0m open
I/Fcable BHT201-PC/USB CBBHT-US1000/8-4B-01 USB PC(4PAtype) 1.0m open
USBcable4PAtype-4PBtype CB00-US1400/4A-4B-01 USB PC(4PAtype)-CU(4PBtype) 1.4m open
I/FcableD9S-D9Scross CB00-RS1500/9-9-01 RS-232C PC(Dsub9S)-CU(Dsub9S) 1.5m open